Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ah, the week before rent is due. Working in property management isn't all it's cracked up to be. When I first started as a weekend receptionist- ecstatic! Office, fly job. But now I'm the manager of this place, having been here for over two years, and I'm desperately searching for an escape route. Distrusted by the bosses without reason, micromanaged, undervalued.

True story: My boss can't string together a grammatically correct sentence for the life of her. I have a four year degree, trying to get on the band wagon to get my master's, and my boss is somebody who didn't understand the word "convenient" when written. She got upset and confused and said I couldn't write that on the sign, because "people wouldn't understand it." Let's get this straight: SHE couldn't understand it, so therefore nobody can. End of true story.

I'm looking at a few immediate options now.
1) Find a new full time job that offers competitive pay and health benefits.
2) Find a new full time job with questionable pay but might be worth it to not be miserable.
3) Move back to my parent's house, tail between my legs, leaving my fiance a state away at his somehow well paying job.
4) Suck it up and be an adult or something.


Most of my apprehension revolves around my fiance. If I leave my job, I leave my apartment. I have no choice in being able to stay in my home- I have to leave. So it's not just a job change, it's a job change slash apartment search/deposits/utilities headache as well.

Growing up is the pits.

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